AP Hill


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One hundred and fifty years ago today, Ambrose Powell Hill saved Lee’s right flank at Antietam with a daring counter-attack against fellow Amborse and fellow beard legend, Ambrose Burnside. Hill was known to don a fiery red shirt in battle to match his bold personality. He died one week before Lee’s surrender in 1865.


Carl Schurz


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After a stint as a revolutionary in 1848 Germany, Carl Schurz served as a forgettable Union General under Oliver O. Howard, Franz Sigel and others. He was also ambassador to Spain, Secretary of the Interior, the first German-born Senator in U.S. history, as well as the inventor of a method of attaching a fake beard to one’s head using the ends of old-timey glasses.

John C. Breckinridge


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A clean-shaven John C. Breckinridge served as Vice President under James Buchanan in the 1850s. During the war, he led a brigade at Shiloh and Stones River, a division at Chickamauga, commanded in Louisiana and the Shenandoah valley, fought under Lee at Cold Harbor, and served as the Confederate Secretary of War in 1865. Remarkably, he still found time to sprout these lovely whiskers.