JEB Stuart


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James Ewell Brown Stuart sported a cape and ostrich-plumed hat to cultivate a brash image to match his battlefield actions. His beard may be the most understated thing about him.

As a Calvary commander under Lee, Stuart earned a series of dynamic successes in the War’s first half. Continue reading


Oliver Otis Howard


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Oliver Otis Howard’s simple beard runs in stark contrast to the eccentricities of his peers in the Union high command.

Howard could be called a true believer. Commanding the XI Corp in the Army of the Potomac, it was Howard who was first hit by Jackson’s legendary flanking maneuver at Chancellorsville. Continue reading

John Bell Hood

John Bell Hood’s beard is a tasteful, sage-like number with a mustache that only comes from years of loving care. It is unknown how he maintained his beard-care routine after loosing an arm. His eyes are as deep as the wounds of the South, and when gazing into them, one need not ask about the war; his eyes tell the whole story.

Hood was a Kentucky-born Confederate who served under General Lee from the early days of the Peninsula campaign until Gettysburg. Continue reading